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LF Tip: Changing the keyboard layout on the fly

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From: Sylvain Bosse <ssfb(at)> [ date: 2004-10-26 ]
Cute tip and faster. It is more pratical then, in Mandrake 10, to pass by the control panel ect ect.
From: Mike [ date: 2004-11-04 ]
Wow, thanks!

I switched to linux some months ago, and this was one of the last problems still bothering me obout my new system.
From: Matthias Kopfermann [ date: 2004-11-16 ]
setxkbmap <lang> without -layout is working, too.

From: Andrés Pinzón [ date: 2004-11-22 ]
Small things like this make life a lot easier!!! Thanks!

From: Comete <comete(at)> [ date: 2004-11-28 ]
Thank you for this tips, but i would like to know if it changes the keyboard layout for ALL users or just the one who launches this command ? I'm using a LTSP server with a lots of users connected... ;-)
From: peter mr <> [ date: 2005-01-03 ]
In Kde-KontrollZentrum I found that I could select e.g. the standard-keyboar-layout for EN, DE, IL (Hebrew) change keyboards for individual widows (or globally for the work session), then Ctrl-Alt-K changed willingly and according to doc 'to next keyboard-layout' but not back to DE or EN. Your setXkbdmap is good to change the layout for a session ok, but I need to switch languages within one document fro and back and like to do a web-search in a different window in English and come back to my Hebrew-quote within a German text not needing to switch keyboards back and forth.
I'm also looking how to alter one of the standard-layouts so that I can easily remember where e.g. the Hebrew characters are on my DE-keyboard.
From: Juan [ date: 2005-01-12 ]
Thanks, I was having this problem when logging in with WM in SuSE9.
From: AxeZ [ date: 2005-02-06 ]
I know about this tip and using it regulary.
Problem is what to do whe you switch to cyrillic. like

sexkbmap sr ( serbian cyrilic )

All commands are then in cyrilic.
I dont use cityllic but I made a mistake and switched once and was unable to switch back.

From: ME [ date: 2005-08-05 ]
Great, exactly what I was looking 4 !
From: Jukka Papinkivi [ date: 2005-08-19 ]
Thanks a lot! This was bothering me two days.

Make a script for DOSBox witch changes your keyboard layout to us before lauches the DOSBox. Now your FreeDOS keyb <lang> command works right. And the end of the script changes your keyboard layout back to original.
From: Bato [ date: 2005-09-10 ]
I am using this command since years, however, never with "-layout". Works just as well and is shorter.
From: mike (other one than the first) [ date: 2005-11-02 ]
hi thx ;°)
The yast stuff in my vmware machine isnt working that well...
So I'm learning the console-way
From: regis [ date: 2006-11-06 ]
Doesnt work with me>open@open-desktop:~$ sudo setxkbmap -layout it
Couldn't interpret _XKB_RULES_NAMES property
Use defaults: rules - 'xorg' model - 'pc101' layout - 'us'
Couldn't find rules file (xorg)

Whats wrong...

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