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From: Engcheng <engcheng_sg(at)> [ date: 2005-02-10 ]
I've personally tried the ParallelKnoppix couple of months back. In fact, due to the lack of resources, the entire test of 1 head node with 4 compute nodes were done through a single server, partitioned using vmware.

Credit must be given the to creator of ParallelKnoppix as from my personal point of view, he had done a good job. However, that does not spare from the painful truth that the distribution seems to be created for new programs to be compiled on the head node. Try this: Download some parallel processing programs off the net, ie. those used to monitor cluster behavior, you will notice the difficulties in getting them to work. I've emailed the author on this note who agreed that either a base OS had to be installed where rest of the MPI, LAM, Beowulf...will be install, or remastering is required.

Nevertheless, ParallelKnoppix had given me the great pleasure of starting my first real serious effort to look into parallel computing. :)
From: Samir Ahmed <media(at)> [ date: 2006-07-25 ]
Salam brother!
Loved your article on parallel kinopex. Being graphically inclined, what avenues are there of using this technology in graphics intensive work such as rendering?

Is it possible to set multiple small pc's running linux to set one good maya on linux machine? Reason I ask is there are certain apps which do a great job only if you have multiple processors (unlike the multi node topology of the current render farms)

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