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LF Tip: generating PDF from html documents

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From: Steffen Ullrich [ date: 2005-02-06 ]
with konqueror:
1. make sure, that only one konqueror window is open
2. in konquerors print dialog set printing to PDF and the name of the
pdf file, make sure the file does not exist yet
3. for all urls

dcop `dcop konq* | head -1` konqueror-mainwindow#1 openURL $url
sleep 10 # or whatever time it takes to get the page
dcop `dcop konq* | head -1` html-widget1 print 1
sleep 10 # or wait until target pdf does not change any more
move away the target pdf file and continue with next url

Just tried it with kde3.2.2 on mandrake 10.1
From: Anonymous User [ date: 2005-05-09 ]
Instead of waiting 10 seconds until netscape is ready, you could also watch the CPU utilisation of netscape. This might speed up the process if you have to convert thousands of html files.

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