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Part 2 -- A digital thermometer or talk I2C to your atmel microcontroller

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From: Khayan <khayansa(at)> [ date: 2005-04-29 ]
Hello,I like your web page.I am a beginner of AVR.Can you introduce me how i start.
From: marc geonet <pin88303(at)> [ date: 2005-05-06 ]

ireally got interest with this artikel
this is my first try to program microcontroller
i got a problem: i got all the stuffs at the shop, now i try the thermometer.
I passed the tests with success, i loaded the atmel with success, but when i run the i2ctemp_linux program, it answers me "ERROR: address_slave for write failed"

what should i do, did i do a mistake somewhere
couls you help me



From: Guido Socher [ date: 2005-05-07 ]
Hello Marc,
Do you have a LCD display?
If not then make sure that you use the software for
part I of the article series. Part II (linuxI2Ctemp_lcd-0.5) will not
work because there is no response from the LCD display. The microcontroller
will then hang and wait for the display to answer, which will never happen.

From: Roberto <roberto.polsinelli(at)> [ date: 2005-07-16 ]
Hi Guido,
I made all the connections and I read the temp from the RS232 port but I do not see anything in the display...I tried with 2 different display but no line comes out. Do I have to remove the resistor for the contrast?
Thank you in advance
From: Guido Socher [ date: 2005-07-17 ]
Hello Roberto,
max contrast is when you connect the contrast pin to GND.

However check also each and every pin against the datasheet.
Especially make sure that you do not mix up +5V and GND at the

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