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lcdproc -- LCD displays easy to use and easy to build

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From: erkules [ date: 2005-04-20 ]
Again a good article. thanks
From: Yvan [ date: 2005-04-23 ]
Thank's for this article. It should be useful to build a mutimedia box
From: Gregg C Levine <drwho8(at)> [ date: 2005-07-18 ]
I found the article using Google, several times now. If the writer is going to use a freely available tool for creating his schematics, and posts the output file in that default format, then the location for the programs should be given.
From: Peter [ date: 2005-07-19 ]
HI Gregg,
I think you just have to read through linuxfocus a bit.
Google might not be the best tool to do that.

From: lekan [ date: 2005-09-25 ]
thanx for this article .it is useful to build someting great

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