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LF Tip: Don't beep at me

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From: Richard Neill [ date: 2005-07-07 ]
Noooo! There's a much better way - and then you'll find the beeps useful.

What you want is to have this line in /etc/inputrc
set show-all-if-ambiguous on

Then, the computer will show you the options if there are multiple possibilities, and beep at you only if there is an error. Combined with bash_completion, it is wonderful!

From: KeTZer [ date: 2005-10-26 ]
Can I tech my PC to play Jingle Bells instead?
No, not really.

Very useful tut.; Always hated the beeps...
From: Chen Lei [ date: 2005-11-25 ]
Sometime the beep is a headache especially when you're wroking together with others.

Very helpful. Thanks
From: wangyihuan123 <wangyihuan123(at)> [ date: 2006-04-13 ]
can I set it back? how? sometime I need the beep

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