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LF Tip: USB mice and laptops

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From: codehawk [ date: 2005-07-04 ]
> I must admit that I have never seen a linux distribution until today where
> this is the default behavior.

I'm glad to say Ubuntu does this out of the box ! :-)
From: J.L. [ date: 2005-07-08 ]
This works out of the box in Arch, in fact I can have 3 or 4 mouses all running at the same time. That really messes with the M$ wonkers.
From: Anonymous User [ date: 2005-12-28 ]
ahh archlinux :)
From: Moctar <ouldm8(at)> [ date: 2006-01-14 ]
Hello everybody.
I am sorry, but i have a mandrake 10.0. I tried to use your script on USB mouse hot pluging, but it doesn function : the modules are unknown..
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