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Automate the creation of graphs with Graphviz

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From: Wolfgang Woger <jwwoger(at)> [ date: 2005-08-23 ]
Thank you for this wonderfull article.You could also show how graphviz can be used programmatically within bash for example. I somewhere saw the linux pstree command transferred into an illustrative graphviz visualisation, but I cannon rememver where. Thanks!
From: Jean-Etienne Poirrier <jepoirrier(at)> [ date: 2005-08-24 ]
Thanks for your appreciation. I'll try to write a second article on some aspects of GraphViz I didn't cover in this one. Besides including graphviz in other software, I am also planning to cover ER models. If there is anything else that someone wants me to cover, feel free to ask. :-) (I don't promise to explain everything as I am also discovering the graphviz tools every day)

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