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A digital DC power supply -- part 3: command control from the PC

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From: John <Palmer> [ date: 2005-11-09 ]
You design really cool thing. Thanks!
From: Maria Teresa Mistri Parente [ date: 2005-11-11 ]
You are the best!
Maria Teresa Mistri Parente
From: Gregor "amatorus electronicus" <davinco(at)> [ date: 2006-01-12 ]
Guido this is great project. I want build this power supply, but in my shop ther are no 18V/2.5A transformer. I got only 13V/2A transformer & this is god for me. What i must change to do the project corectly? 13V/2A output is ok for me.

sorry for my english :-)
gregor from Poland
From: Guido Socher [ date: 2006-01-12 ]
Hello Gregor,
you can simply limit the max output voltage in the software.

From: Gregor "amatorus electronicus" <davinco(at)> [ date: 2006-01-12 ]
that's all? great!
Thanks Guido.
From: Naser <nasser_derakhshan(at)> [ date: 2006-02-25 ]
Dear Guido,
Many thanks for this project. I need this project which can solve many of my problems. But one part in this project isn't similar to the other project I've seen before and that is the serial connection.
I always use RXD & TXD in DB9 to connect to serial port but you used other pins. Is there any way to use these pins (RXD, TXD) (pin 2, 3) instead of those you used.
There is an obligation for me to use RXD & TXD.
What change should I make in your project?
Yours truly,

From: Larry Webster [ date: 2006-05-22 ]
Any idea how to make this CAN based for use on a CAN bus network?
From: John <Wheeler> [ date: 2006-05-25 ]
this is really a great design
From: Mike [ date: 2006-05-25 ]
CAN is just a differnt bus system and the AVR supports it.
From: James Mayer [ date: 2006-05-25 ]
Nice and compact design.

I really like it!
From: pieter [ date: 2006-07-31 ]
very smart design!
Thanks for the article
From: Martin [ date: 2006-08-01 ]
Thanks, this is very useful project, but I want to add additional functionality to this device - I want to use it as solderind station
with electronic temerature control. I thing that mostly I have to
change software, but what I know for sure, I have to use ADC to mesure
temperature on soldering iron. My question is: can I use the same ADC
or I have to somehow add additional one.


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