jazz++ 4.1.3, installation from source code

Download wxwin 1.68e from 

unpack the two files wx168_1.tgz  and wx168_2.tgz (in this order) in /usr/local/wxwin
Apply the patch wx168e_lf.diff (download page):
cd /usr/local/wxwin 
patch -p1 < path/to/wx168e_lf.diff

unpack the jazz 4.1.3 sources and apply the included wx168e.diff patch
to /usr/local/wxwin.  Apply the jazz4.1.3.patch (download page)
to the jazz 4.1.3 sources.  From there on follow the
instructions in the "COMPILE" file which is included in the jazz 4.1.3
sources. It also explains how to compile wxwin.  You need lesstif for the
installation (my 0.92 worked fine).  

Edit the make.env file from the jazz 4.1.3 sources and change the library
path for motif (e.g. -L/usr/X11R6/lib for redhat). Remove the "-lg++"
from the "LIB=..." line.  Next type "make" and wait. When everything is
compiled run "strip src/motif/jazz" and then "sh install-jazz" to install
the files to /usr/loca/jazz-bin-4.1.3. Apply the jazz-bin-4.1.3_addon.tar.gz from
the binary installation (see main article) and the installation is complete.

last update: Sun Sep 1 11:41:42 CEST 2002